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General Pidgins FAQ

Why Should I Use Pidgins vs Phone or Email support In My Contact Center / Support Center?

Users are mobile, and they are increasingly used to responding quickly to texts. Customers do not want to be tied to a phone queue, especially when they are at work. Response rates are overwhelmingly faster with SMS, and your customer service agents can process more transactions.

  1. 98% of SMS are read/answered in the first four minutes of receiving them.
  2. The average phone agent can process 150-195 phone calls per day. On average, an SMS agent can handle 800-900 SMS messages per day.
  3. Your customers they can SMS you 24/7 and when your team is back in the office they’ll get an immediate response. In most cases one SMS agent can clear about 75-150 weekend/nightly messages in less than an hour.

How Is SMS With Pidgins Different Than Chat support?

With chat support, users are tied to the device where they initiated the conversation, and they must allow the entire conversation to run it’s course. SMS allows users to be mobile and to initiate / stop and continue the conversation thread on their time, possibly throughout a day or a week.

How Do I Get Support?

Simple, just SMS us at (510) 422-0079

How Do I Email Pidgins?

Email us at: support@xproduct.net

Where Are You Located?

All coding & design work is done in (Sunny & Lovely) Martinez, California, USA

Can You Do Custom Integration For connecting Pidgins to CRM or Order Systems?

Absolutely, SMS us for request

How Do I Change Account Ownership From The Original Mobile Number That Was Used To Setup The Account?

Send us an SMS at (510) 422-0079

My Mobile Number Changed, How Do I Update My Account?

Send us an SMS at (510) 422-0079

Why Is Your Product Named Pidgins?

In the 1400s the word Pigeon was used to describe “chirping” As we see it, we are using SMS as another method for “chirping”.

Why Did You Select Purple As Your Color Theme?

As we all know, Purple is known to give you royalty, power, wealth and most importantly a QOL (Quality Of Life), which is what you’re getting from Pidgins

and the power of SMS :)

Do You Offer 100+ Agent Discounts?

We do, SMS us for request at (510) 422-0079

Do You Offer Non-Profit & Education discounts?

Coming soon

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