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Pidgins Desktop App FAQ

How Do I Install The Desktop App?

https://pidgins.co/Download will always have the most recent release of Pidgins for you to download. Once installed the app will continuely auto update.

What Operating Systems Are Supported?

For now just Windows. Mac OS is coming soon. Native Web-Browser support coming soon.

Pidgins App Is Acting Up, How Do I Reset It?

  1. Click the menu icon in the bottom left of the Pidgins App
  2. Click “Clear Cache and Restart App”

How Do I Logout Of The Desktop App?

Bottom left area of App > Menu Icon in Bottom Left Corner > Logout (Remember, you’ll need to generate a new Token to login)

When I “Hide” An SMS Thread What Happens To It?

When you click the “Hide” text, it just clears the message from the main pane window. To find your message again, just do a search for a keyword or phone number, you'll be able to get back to the conversation from there.

Can I Upload A PDF or Any Other File Type As An SMS Message?

Yes you can, here are a list of the supporting file type extensions:






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