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Billing FAQ

What are my charges comprised of?

Your charges for the Pidgins service are comprised of a monthly fee for each agent you create (Agent Billing) and also the number of SMS messages your company sends (SMS Billing). Each incoming & outgoing message cost $0.02 (two pennies)

Example: 1,000 messages = $20.00

How Does The Agent Billing Cycle Work?

You are billed every month from the date you initiated your account with a credit card.

Example: You created your account on March 5th. On the 5th of each month your credit card will be charged for Agents.

How Does SMS Billing Work?

Each Incoming & Outgoing Message cost $0.02 (Per 144 Character SMS or per 1 MMS Message)

When Sending A Message Over 144 Characters, How Is It Billed?

SMS messages are charged at a rate of $0.02 (two pennies) for every 144 characters.

Example: You send a message that is 366 characters, you'll be charged $0.06.

How Do I Make Sure I Don’t Run Out Of SMS Credit?

In your Account / Billing Setup, you manage your SMS Credit Threshold ($1.00 is as low as you can go), this is how low your account balance can get before a recharge is implemented.

In your billing setup there is a Recharge Amount, this is the amount of funds that will be added to your account when the Credit Threshold is meant.

When An Agent Is Created, How Is It Billed?

The remaining time on your current billing cycle will be prorated to create that initial billing for the added agent.

What Happens When I Delete An Agent, Will I Be Refunded?

When you create an Agent, you are paying for the full billing period of usage, so there is no partial period refund.

Can I Get A Refund If I Accidentally Create An Agent And Do Not Need It Later?

Unfortunately no. Once you create an Agent, you're charged for that billing period of usage.

How Do I Change Account Ownership From The Original Mobile Number That Was Used To Setup The Account?

Simply Send an SMS at (510) 422-0079 to Support and request an ownership change.

How Do I Cancel My Account?

Simply Send an SMS at (510) 422-0079 to Support and ask to cancel your account.

When I Cancel My Account, What Happens To My Unused SMS credits?

In the event that you cancel your account and you still have remaining (unused) SMS credits available in your account, you WILL NOT be refunded. When you purchase SMS (TXT messaging) credits they are NON-REFUNDABLE. There is no exception to this policy.

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