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Account Setup FAQ

How Do I Create An Account?

All you need is your mobile number. You will be sent a PIN to your mobile phone to verify.

How Do I Pick An SMS Phone Number To Use?

During the Account Creation, you’ll be asked for an SMS area code > From there you can select the desired phone number with your entered area code.

Can I Use An International Phone Number?

Coming soon

Do You Support Canada Phone Numbers For SMS Account Setup?

Yes, when creating your account, you can select a Canadian area code

Why Are You Using Tokens As Login?

It is significantly easier to administrate for our users. There is no more lost username/password issues. With Pidgins, every Agent is assigned a one-time token to log into the Pidgins App, keeping the process very simple.

Do Agents Have A UserName/Password?

They do not. An Agent just needs their token.

How Do I Send An Agent Their Token?

Log into the website portal > Agents > Locate Agent > Select the “Email Token” button

Can A Token Be Reused?

No. A Token is only good for one login session. If an agent is no longer able to log in, they will need a new Token to log back in.

How Do You Generate A New Token For An Agent Login?

Log into the website portal > Agents > Locate Agent > Select “Generate New Token”

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