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Account Setup FAQ

How Do I Create an Account?

All you need is your mobile phone number. A PIN/verification code will be sent to your mobile phone. Click here to get started.

How Do I Pick an SMS Phone Number to Use?

When you create an account, you’ll be asked for an SMS area code to use. From there you can select a phone number with the area code you entered, which will be used to send/receive SMS messages.

Can I Use My Existing Main Business Telephone Number to Send/Receive Texts with Pidgins?

Yes, in most cases. If you would like to use your existing business phone number to send/receive texts, a few extra steps are required. We simply notify your phone provider that your phone number can now accept SMS messages. Porting can take up to two weeks before it becomes active.

Follow these steps to use your existing business phone number with Pidgins:

  1. Create an account as usual - put in your company name, and pick a number to use that you like (in case your phone carrier will not allow your number to be used for texting).
  2. You must add billing information to your account before we can port your existing business phone number. If you do not add billing info we cannot port the phone number.
  3. Finally, send us a text request at: (510) 422-0079. We will contact you to guide you through verification and finishing this process.

Can I Use an International Phone Number?

Coming soon

Do You Support Canadian Phone Numbers in Account Setup?

Yes, when creating your account, you can select a Canadian area code.

Why Are You Using Tokens Instead of Traditional Logins?

It is significantly easier to administrate for our users. There are no more lost username/password issues. With Pidgins, every agent is assigned a one-time token to log into the Pidgins App, keeping the process very simple.

Do Agents Have a UserName/Password?

They do not. An agent just needs their token to log in.

How Do I Send an Agent Their Token?

Log into the website portal > Agents > Locate Agent > Select the “Email Token” button

Can A Token Be Reused?

No. A token is only good for one login session. If an agent is no longer able to log in, they will need a new token to log back in.

How Do You Generate A New Token For An Agent Login?

Log into the website portal > Agents > Locate Agent > Select “Generate New Token”

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